Building a PV Strategy 2025

New possibilities through the rapid changes in the world around us and a changing environment means that we need to learn and acquire knowledge at an equally rapid pace. Regulatory demands expand beyond established markets and the compliance pressures mount for PV.
Patients are getting increasingly involved also in respect to safety and PV. There is a strong current across industries to use automation technologies to deliver efficiencies within the PV are and we must re-assess where our time brings most value and identify where automations can be utilized without any risk.
In PV we own the safety agenda and we should ensure that we come with strong and scientific data-driven insights to contribute to the continuous journey towards developing new products and expanding indications for the established portfolio in alignment with the corporate strategy.
The competition to hire skilled people with PV experience is becoming increasingly tough and we need to ensure interesting job offerings that can attract the right potentials. Moreover, to retain the right people we need to focus on a working environment that is personally rewarding and developing and with further career options in sight. In Global Safety, LEO Pharma we are currently preparing our 2025 strategy to address these drivers for safety excellence.

About the speaker
Lykke Bjerglund Graff

Lykke Bjerglund Graff graduated as medical doctor from the University of Copenhagen in 1990. She holds a PhD in rheumatology/immunology and an MMPI (Managing Medical Product Innovation) diploma from the Scandinavian International Management Institute. She has 9 years of clinical experience within various medical and surgical specialties and over 20 years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry within clinical development and pharmacovigilance. She is currently VP, Head of Global Safety at LEO Pharma A/S.

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